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Why Muslims Have No Philosophy

Islam, unlike Christianity and Judaism, is not a philosophy; it is an unquestionable rule book. Islam prevents its followers from developing any type of viable philosophy because Islam forbids the most basic requirement for the development of a philosophy, and that is asking questions about every aspect of one’s life. Muslims are forbidden to question any aspect of Islam or from questioning anything that the prophet Mohammad said or did; in practice, Muslims are expected to emulate Mohammad in every part of their daily lives. From the day Muslims utter their first word until the day they die their psychic is locked up in what effectively amounts to a psychological iron cage from which it is impossible to escape. Any Muslim who does gain a glimpse of “the light of freedom” and tries to talk about it to other Muslims suffers the same fate as the lone escapee from Plato’s Cave, he is killed.

Why Many Muslims are Masochistic and Sadistic

Over the past 30 years I have known and worked with Muslims, and for ten months I lived among Muslims in Iran. During my exposure to Muslims I have witnessed an inordinate number of sadistic and masochistic acts performed by Muslims of all ages. I have thought a long time that the Islamic religion, if studied and followed rigorously, caused brain damage; however, after years of examining the phenomena I think I have finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together to explain why many Muslims are the way they are.

In my search for an answer I closely observed Muslims and tried to understand why they were doing what they were doing and to gain some insight into what could possibly motivate them to do what they were doing.

1.   It was obvious to me that Muslims enjoyed witnessing and/or causing severe sadistic pain to others.

2.   It was obvious to me that many Muslims enjoyed inflicting severe masochistic pain to themselves.

3.   It was also obvious to me that Muslims (young and old) enjoyed witnessing and/or causing severe pain to animals.

4.   It became obvious to me, after talking to a few young Iranian soldiers who had been arrested, that the city jail in Isfahan was a hotbed of sodomy and sadistic activities.

5.   It became obvious to me that an incredible number of young Iranians, if not full blown homosexuals, had experienced homosexual encounters with other young men.

6. I think I know the origin of their sadistic traits: Muslim boys grow up without experiencing the close loving, nurturing and intimate connection to their mothers that European societies provide. Many of the Muslim men I knew demonstrated (and expressed) a serious lack of love for their mothers and sisters; I suspect this lifelong exposure to almost-total sensory deprivation warps their outlook on life.

I had two good Sunni Muslim friends in Iran who were educated in the United States; one was a banker and the other owned a string of appliance stores. The banker warned me of the dangers I faced as a Christian living in an Islamic country, he frequently warned me about the days that I should restrict my travel or just stay at home. The appliance owner was a worldly man with three wives, all of whom lived in separate homes away from his. He enjoyed life and enjoyed his families on scheduled days during the week. Both of these men had gone to college in the States, the banker married an Iranian girl who was also attending college in the US. Both men had lived in the US for a while after graduating from college; they were essentially Iranian-Americans living in Iran. I detected no sadistic tendencies in either of these men. The banker did something that a "normal Muslim" would never do, he adopted my dog for his two children when I returned to the States.

I set out to determine why these two men escaped whatever experience or trauma caused the "normal"
Muslims to be sadistic.

Intimate Family Contact

I talked to the banker and the appliance man about their families and found out that they came from well-educated families that were not excessively religious in their day to day existence. I found out that both men came from loving parents who encouraged their children to do well. Their mothers and sisters were educated and covered their hair but did not cover themselves with a black sheet. They also shared the common room of their homes with the males of the family; they ate meals with the men and were not constantly banned to the restricted-to-females-only area of the house like other Muslim women.

This early investigation provided me with the starting point for developing my hypothesis to explain the source of the Muslim masochistic and sadistic traits.

Family Sensory Deprivation

I casually interrogated other Muslim males who I worked with or who worked for me taking care of the aircraft that I conducted test flights on. I discovered that most Muslim males have little to no close intimate family contact with their sisters or their mothers from birth to death. From what I was able to find out most Muslim males are raised in a loveless, emotionally sterile, all male existence that is devoid of motherly love and affection. The young men I talked to never (not even once) expressed any love for their sisters or mothers the way an American or European young man would. Their only concern about their sisters seemed to be that they could, if not watched closely, dishonor the family name.

I found out that most of the men I talked to who claimed they had an advanced education had actually only studied the Qur'an during their college work. Many were trained in the most radical areas of the Qur'an by radical imams that espoused hate and intolerance for other religions and it did not take long to identify and pick these men from a crowd. I suspect that it is easy to fill a young boy's mind with a highly emotional, exciting, and directed hate when his life experience has been a dull, emotional void.

Sex and Pleasure Deprivation Conflict

Young Muslim males who are already damaged psychologically by sensory deprivation within the family are further traumatized when their hormones start pumping through their blood stream and they become interested in females. Muslim males are forbidden to see, touch, talk to, or be alone with a female who is not a relative; violation of any of these activities may be punished by anything from a public beating to death.
I believe the sensory deprivation caused by this isolation is the basic building block for Muslim masochistic and sadistic tendencies. I believe a constant battle is raging within young Muslim males when puberty strikes; they want to be with a female but know that it is a sin. Then their conscience starts working on them when they think, and are told, if they were good Muslims they would not even want to be with a woman because it is a violation of the Qu'ran. This same conflict occurs when young Muslims are exposed to the Western pleasures of food, drink, music, dancing, the theater, and women who will casually stop and talk to you on the street. I have witnessed young Muslim men in Iran who experienced a great deal of guilt from enjoying the pleasures of Western culture through association with Americans working in Iran.

I believe this sex-pleasure deprivation conflict eventually results in male Muslims resenting all women, some to the point of hatred. This hatred is readily witnessed in the festive attitude exhibited by men watching the horse whipping of women being punishment; with each whimpering cry from the woman being beaten the men laugh out loud and mimic her pitiful cries, you would think they were watching a comical act on TV. This festive attitude is not exhibited by men who are watching a man being punished, male punishment is treated as a solemn event and women are forbidden to watch.

I think this same "I hate you because you subverted me" concept is directed at the United States and Americans by Muslim men who have experienced a great deal of guilt from enjoying the pleasures of our Western culture.

Muslim men, like ancient Christian men, cannot help but have sinful thoughts about women once puberty strikes, and like ancient Christians they think they must beat themselves in some masochistic ritual to cleans themselves of all sinful thoughts. Luckily for Christians, we learned and accepted the fact that once puberty strikes it is impossible not to think about the ladies.

Incestuous Marriages

I recently read an article by Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist that provided me with what I consider the final piece of my Muslim puzzle. I have always thought that the rigorous study and memorization of the Qur’an was the basic cause of so many Muslims being intellectually incapable of self-determination and always in need of someone to give them direction. It never occurred to me that the wide spread habit of incestuous marriages among Muslims was a big part of the problem; however. Mr Sennels article states that Muslim children have an extremely high rate of genetic ill­nesses due to Islam's 1400-year promotion of consanguineous marriages, a practice prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses but sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations.

Mr Sennels article states that this massive inbreeding in the Muslim culture may well have done irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to intelligence, sanity, and health.

Mr. Sennels says that a Muslim's ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world and he points out that all of the 58 Islamic countries together translate only 330 books a year, about 20% of what Greece alone translates. In the past 1,200 years Muslims have translated into Arabic about the same number of books that Spain translates in a single year.

Mr Sennels points out the difficulties this creates for Muslims seeking to succeed in the West is that they are hampered by a lower IQ, together with a religion that denounces critical thinking, surely makes it harder for Muslims to gain success in the high-tech knowledge centric societies.

In the past 100 years only four Muslims have ever won a Nobel Prize in science, Israel has won more than one hundred Nobel Prizes in science during that same time period.

This lack of standing in the intellectual world causes Muslims a great deal of stress, evidenced by their insistence that they do not want science because the study of the Qu'ran provides everything they need socially; however, privately the imams realize that intellectual advancement and science would, sooner or later, cause the debunking and destruction of Islam.

Immersed in Islam

To become totally immersed in Islam is to lose yourself in a type of Zanado insanity where the normal human values established over thousands of years of trial and error in attempts to develop a viable society, a society where people can live free and prosper, have become so obscured by multiple layers of Islamic chauvinistic laws and customs that they cannot see the insanity of their actions; the worst of which came from the inconsistent and sometimes incoherent writings and sayings of a warmongering womanizer who lived some 2000 years ago. Islam is a religion of extreme uncontrolled hatred. Not only do Muslims hate the Jews, the Christians, and the Buddhist, they hate each other. They are egger to kill others for any imagined offence against their particular brand of Islam; they are especially egger to kill female family members (including their mothers) who they think may have caused some imaginary dishonor to the family name. There is no love in Islam; there is no forgiveness in Islam. Mohammed created Allah in his own image and Mohammed was a vengeful, sadistic, warmonger who encouraged rape, murder, slavery, and hate between his fellow countrymen and even within his own tribe.

What have Muslims contributed to our society or any society for that matter within the past 1000 years?


Radical Muslims (and all true Muslims have a radical Muslim hidden inside) have brought stupidity, ignorance, religious extremism, religious intolerance, crime, and poverty to every country they have invaded; and, due to the fact that they can get by without working to support their big families they have brought additional stress to social support systems in Europe and the United States. 

They have blown up our buildings and transportation systems and are working now to turn our cities into the third world cities they escaped from (i.e., cities drowning in filth and crime). 

They live shut up in apartments (provided by host governments) where they plan the murder and destruction of their hosts and the host country. Radical Muslims are pernicious parasites that kill the host that supports them. Spain, England, France and Germany are suffering from this Muslim parasitic infection now and the infection may be too advanced for them to survive.

Now, in the United States, we have President Obama who is catering to Muslims and throwing the Jews under the bus. He is turning away from the Jews and their philosophy that promotes a hope for peace and for a better future for their children and ours.


He is also turning away from the Jew's idea of clinging to life because life is holy and catering to radical Muslim's who's ideas are hatred, destruction, backwardness, superstition, and a morbid desire for death for themselves, their children and ours.


All free people around the world should insult Islam every day until the nut-case Muslims get tired of protesting and shut up about how sensitive they are. It's free speach - live with it!

All free people should insult Islam everyday until the Islam nut cases get tired of protesting.
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