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Tuesday, October 27 2009

The United States is what it is due to our European ancestry. Our ancestors took the best ideas and culture from our European roots and built the United States. Today we are indulging in what I refer to as "elitist's mental masturbation" we like to call it "political correctness". We are going to "politically correct" ourselves, and doom our children, into a third world Latino country; because Latino's have proven they are only capable of creating and maintaining third-would countries. We give them citizenship without their having to pass citizenship requirements. We give them the right to refuse to speak English. We encourage them not to learn English by providing them with public Spanish signs, radio and TV stations, voting ballots, and requiring Americans to be bilingual in order to get a job in a store where Latinos may decide to shop. I predict that in fifty years (if Latinos don't decide to become English speaking taxpaying citizens) the United States will be a third-world Latino country and that China will be the most powerful force on the planet.

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Tuesday, October 27 2009

If you are too young to remember the 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate, maybe you should rent it at Block Buster; because I think we are in a situation where we are about to vote ourselves into the plot of that movie. Ramon Shaw (played by Laurence Harvey) was brainwashed by the Chinese and then sent back to the US with the intent to enter politics; however, Bennett Marco (played by Frank Sinatra) discovers the plot and, well, you know the ending.

Today, we have a madras trained Muslim, who claims not to be a Muslim,  as the president of the United States and no one, due to political correctness, is questioning his Islamic madras training background, which, incidentally, remarkably resembles Chinese brainwashing.

I think we need to be asking questions!

Remember, the terrorist who attacked us on 9/11 were madras trained Muslims. And, just in case you have never heard of "Islamic madras schools" they are the breeding grounds and training centers for anti-American - anti-Israel fanatics.

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Tuesday, October 27 2009

I have a great fear that this summer when the blacks find out that Obama is not going to pay their mortgages, their electric bills, or give them all the free things they are expecting; and there are no jobs for them, they will be rioting in the streets. And, when they find out that white people who have been saving their money for years are still living better than they are will start attacking white neighborhoods and people. I feel this summer we will see the collapse of our government's control of our society as the under educated, under employed, and unemployed masses rebel against the people who, in their eyes, have caused their troubles (i.e., rich white people who still have jobs and money).

I suggest you prepare for a summer of attacks by stocking up on food, water, medical supplies, gas, and yes - ammunition. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I am not.

Love you,


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All free people around the world should insult Islam every day until the nut-case Muslims get tired of protesting and shut up about how sensitive they are. It's free speach - live with it!

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