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The History of Selfishness

Selfishness is a primordial survival instinct on par with the instinct to reproduce. I suspect that millions of years ago our ancestors bred like wild animals and that the male did not take any responsibility for the young that were produced; that was left up to the mother who had to find food and shelter and avoid predators on her own, and the weak did not survive. Nature programmed us to be selfish and it may have saved our species from extinction; a strong male predator that is selfish survives and grows stronger and as he grows stronger and is no longer hungry he starts feeling the second primordial instinct and that is the urge to mate. I suspect that the first families were headed by early men who enjoyed the satisfaction and pleasure of mating with particularly amiable and attentive females: I also think this altered the male’s basic selfish instinct to survive to include a mate that gives him attention and pleasure that he had not experienced before.

A strong male that could provide food and shelter for himself and his new mate would, I think, take another mate as soon as the first female was pregnant; so his survival instinct of selfishness would expanded to cover himself and his two females. The female’s instinct provides her with what she needs to know and do and the male may also have faint memories of once having a mother.  Early man was, without being aware of it, expanding his circle of selfish survival instincts to include his females and their children; early man started to protect what he had and enjoyed from predators. The females were also in a new position and had expanded their selfish survival instincts; they had a strong male that was staying with them, protecting them, feeding them, and protecting their children from predators.

Somewhere on the African Savannah millions of years ago a strong and somewhat intelligent ancient male overcame his primordial selfish instinct to create the world’s first family.

In today’s world this useless primordial survival instinct of selfishness is still in our genes but has been mostly under control. Our mental control of selfishness was a result of training from our mothers, when we were young, and from religious training and exposure to philosophy as we got older. Philosophers for the past five thousand years have touted that the best path to happiness was through generosity with others; however, generosity cannot exist on its own, generosity must be accompanied by self-control,  compassion, empathy, and understanding for the condition of others. This is where American parents, schools, and colleges have, and are, failing our young people (i.e., people under 30).

Most of the people I meet today who are under 30 are very selfish; you do not have to talk to them very long to discover just how selfish they are. Their conversation wanders from “I deserve” to “the government should” to “I’m entitled to” when it comes to education cost, housing, transportation, and even food. Our selfish young people are going to vote themselves into Communism in the belief that the Social Democrats promise of a fee and equal world will solve their selfish desires. What they are going to get is what has already been demonstrated in Communistic countries around the world, and that is abject poverty for the majority of people and unlimited wealth for a few elite leaders. Unless you are a member of the central Communist government or a ranking military man then you are just dirt under the feet of the elite. 

Children Need to Understand that Life is Not a Video
Game and that in the Real World, Death is Permanent

Our children today are bombarded with villains and good guys that kill everyone in sight. They cannot watch TV, play a video game, or go to the movies without seeing people being mercilessly killed in every conceivable way; there are no subtle themes anymore that the bad guy or conniving villain never wins, today the bad guys must all be killed. I suspect that all the violence children see today blurs their concept of the absolute finality of death and dulls any since of natural sympathy they may have been born with. Think about it now, in a video game children kill the same character over and over every time they play the game, yet that same character is alive again every time they select that game; for some children, over time, the act of killing the same character again and again somehow fogs their concept of death as being something final and permanent.

I also think, actually I know, that my parents being good Christians and taking me to Sunday school every Sunday reinforced the moral lessons that I picked up from my cowboy heroes "who never killed anyone" Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and the Lone Ranger. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and all the early far Eastern philosophers presented the same ideas of respect for human life. Parents today have drifted away from religious training and have not replaced that void with any form of philosophical guidance to prepare their children to face and survive the psychological challenges that they will encounter in today’s society.  

American Socialist’s Biggest Scam!
Perpetrated on the under-educated and under-informed poor.

Fifty one years ago when President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced his idea for “The Great Society” I’m sure his motivation was altruistic and sincere; however, during the last forty years the top Socialist Democrat leaders discovered the unforeseen hidden power in the social programs that LBJ initiated, the power to control and direct the actions and attitudes of the unsuspecting poor.

Under the pretext of helping the poor out of poverty they passed additional laws and regulations that were actually designed to further deceive the poor into thinking they were being helped. They passed laws that allowed the poor to obtain a high school diploma without having to meet the same academic standards as the middle class or affluent students; this kept them undereducated and stuck in low paying jobs. They passed laws that kept the men out of the family by refusing to pay mothers support for their children if a man was living with her, destroying any possibility of a family life and a male role model for the children.

They continue to deceive the poor by giving them material things to make them think they are making some progress; however they are still poor and getting poorer when compared with the well-educated middle class wage earner. Every election cycle the Democrats dust off the old platitudes about eliminating poverty, raising the standard of living, and creating well-paying jobs for the poor.

The poor have no idea that they have been programmed over the years to vote for the Democrat party. The poor have no idea that they are slaves today’s on the new Socialist Democrat Plantation, they are slaves that do not have to work – just vote.

The top Socialist Democrat leaders are always busy coming up with new programs designed to make the poor think they are being helped out of poverty when the only purpose within the new ideas in to ensure a steady supply of poor uninformed and uneducated Democrat voters.

A Child’s Rudimentary Philosophy

Where does a child’s rudimentary philosophy come from? I asked myself this question one day after talking to fellow employees where I work about the sad state of our society today; we were talking about children killing their parents, killing their siblings, and even killing other children. Then I started to think about where my childhood philosophy came from. I know the definition of philosophy is a search for truth and children, unless they are a little strange, do not go around looking for truth. Truth, to a child is what they observe, it is what they see and experience from day to day and they accept it. So, what was I exposed to during my early formative years from around five to twelve years old? We had no TV, only a radio. I normally went to the afternoon movies on Saturday to see my three cowboy heroes, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and the Lone Ranger; the main features were normally separated by a Walt Disney cartoon or a short Three Stooges movie (the movies never stopped when I was a boy, they just kept repeating over and over and sometimes I would sit through it all twice).

Then it came to me, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and the Lone Ranger never killed anyone! The Three Stooges never killed or truly hurt anyone and Walt Disney cartoons always had a subtle theme that the bad guy or conniving villain never wins. Now, what do children see today; children today are bombarded with villains and good guys that kill everyone in sight. They cannot watch TV, video games, or go to the movies without seeing people being mercilessly killed in every conceivable way; there are no subtle themes anymore that the bad guy or conniving villain never wins, today the bad guys must all be killed. I think all the violence children see today has dulled any since of natural sympathy they may have been born with to the point that even good parenting sometimes cannot override.

I also think, actually I know, that my parents being good Christians and taking me to Sunday school every Sunday reinforced the moral hints that I picked up from my cowboy heroes.  

The Confederate Battle Flag

I am not ashamed of my country but I am ashamed of the politicians running it, they are a bunch of gutless wimps who are eager to jump on the next PC bandwagon that comes along. The current PC bandwagon is the Confederate flag and CSA memorials and parks across the South. The Democrats are pushing their socialist agenda by changing American history, just like all the previous dictators around the world have done, destroy a culture by erasing its past.

A majority of the Democrat zombies that follow the party program are so stupid and under educated (as Hillary Clinton has pointed out) that they have no idea what is taking place in the country and how it will change their lives forever in a negative way. America’s (our) problem stated years ago when we allowed elitist, intellectual, educators (who had never done a day’s work outside the classroom) determine and set the education needs of our children. The United States is becoming more and more a nation of under educated morons who have no concept of our history or the history of Europe.

During the Civil War my ancestors lived in Kentucky; some members of my past family served and fought and died on both sides of the North/South war. These were all good men who did what they thought they had to do to preserve the way of life they loved for their family. Some of my ancestors were slave holders, most however were not. The flag the Southern troops carried into battle was not the flag that represented the Confederate States of America but an unofficial Confederate Battle Flag that had no official CSA standing. I have a Confederate Battle Flag, only to remember my Southern relatives) that I have never displayed however I intend to display it now – so live with it!

It is Easy to Hate Muslims

It is easy to hate Muslims; they leave a trail of blood and dead behind where ever they go. However, because I am a Christian with a Ph.D. in philosophy I have to look at thing a little differently. Philosophers for the past 3,500 years have espoused many, if not nearly all, of the philosophical ideals that Jesus presented to us. From the ancient philosophers of China, India, and Japan to the Greek and Roman philosophers the same basic human ideals of justice and humanity existed and were followed. These basic human ideals of justice and humanity were discarded by Mohammed and replaced by avarice, lasciviousness, barbarism, lying, and hate; characteristics that he declared not only legal but desirable and commendable by Allah.

A Muslim who is taught these lessons from birth and told that any deviation from their Islamic teachings would mean death is as trapped being a Muslim as a lion is trapped being a lion. With this thought in mind it almost makes one feel sorry for them; they are dammed and cannot escape.

Why Muslims Have No Philosophy

Islam, unlike Christianity and Judaism, is not a philosophy; it is an unquestionable rule book. Islam prevents its followers from developing any type of viable philosophy because Islam forbids the most basic requirement for the development of a philosophy, and that is asking questions about every aspect of one’s life. Muslims are forbidden to question any aspect of Islam or from questioning anything that the prophet Mohammad said or did; in practice, Muslims are expected to emulate Mohammad in every part of their daily lives. From the day Muslims utter their first word until the day they die their psychic is locked up in what effectively amounts to a psychological iron cage from which it is impossible to escape. Any Muslim who does gain a glimpse of “the light of freedom” and tries to talk about it to other Muslims suffers the same fate as the loan escapee from Plato’s Cave, he is killed.

Mind and Body. What if?

The dependence of a person's mind upon his or her body is an old question that non-believers jump on in an effort to shoot down the belief that one has an eternal soul. They point to the ill effects that disease, poor health, hunger, fatigue, and severe injury have on consciousness. We have seen cases where it seems there is no longer any connection between body and soul; therefore proving, to some, that body and soul are intimately related and that the soul is dependent on the body.

What if the soul is merely the operator of the conscience body. Think of a vehicle that has dark windows so you cannot see the driver, you see this vehicle everyday as it comes by your house. One day you discover the vehicle is stopped in the middle of the street in front of your house and you go out to investigate. What you have never known is that this vehicle is remotely operated by the engineer at the end of the street. You try to open the driver's door but it is locked and you cannot see inside to see if the driver is ok or not; so, you call the police and report that you think the driver must be dead.

We know the driver is not dead; he has just lost control of his remotely controlled vehicle. The engineer's loss of control could be the result any number of electrical or mechanical problems, the receiver in the vehicle could be out of order or the receiver could be working but the commands are not being executed due to a mechanical fault.

In this case, the person investigating the stopped vehicle has made an erroneous assumption based on incomplete information, the vehicle has stopped but the driver is not dead!

Dear God, and I do believe in God!

Please Save Us from Religion.

It always irritates me when I hear someone say they know exactly what God expects form us. Every "man of god" on TV claims to have a personal insight into the true meaning of the bible. Then you have the truly gifted men who cannot only tell you what God expects from us and the exact meaning of the bible but can also reveal hidden messages behind each and every verse in the scriptures; messages that those who are untouched by God cannot see.

When I was in Special Forces in South East Asia I had a Chinese woman ask me "If God were really talking to men, wouldn't he tell them all the same story?" It was such a profound question that, at the time, I could not come up with an answer!

The Birth of The Concept of God

Somewhere back in time when people were just developing into conscious beings a group of people were huddled in a cave terrified by a raging storm; during the storm an old man or woman, who was not as terrified as the others because he or she had seen many storms just like this one, tried to calm the group by making up a story. The story was an explanation about what was causing all the water to fall from the sky, the loud noises, the flashing light that momentarily turned the night into day and the frightening fingers of light from the sky that poked the ground and started fires. The storyteller told the group of a great being who lived in the sky and ruled over all the earth. The storyteller continued to explain that the great being was angry about something that had taken place that day and was in a rage.

Since men were known to become angry over the smallest events and then destroy everything in a fit of rage, it was not long until the group decided that the great being had to be a man.

Soon, mothers found out that they could get their children to do what they wanted them to do by saying "the great being will be angry if you don't do what I say." Then, after the storyteller died and the story became accepted as true, a man or woman found out they could control the entire group by telling them "the great being will be angry if you don't do what I say."

Not long after this beginning every event (desirable or undesirable) was attributed to the great being's state of satisfaction.

Today, after one hundred thousand years of trying to appease the great being, man has developed an amazing array of ideas and methods of controlling people by telling them "the great being will be angry if you don't do what I say."

I am constantly amazed that this one story, told somewhere in a cave in Africa more than one hundred thousand years ago could have developed into the more than three thousand different religions that exist today.

An Amazing Similarity Between Religion and Guns


A highly educated, liberal, idiot has written a book about God and the Folly of Faith in which he claims that religion is the source of all man's problems. He claims that religion has not only held back scientific advancement but is also responsible for retarding the general intellectual development of people throughout our history by filling their minds with the Folly of Faith.


If you could interview this author I would bet that he is also convinced that guns have caused all of the wars that have plagued the earth for the past four hundred years. He could even write a book about it called Guns and the Folly of Freedom and explain how guns have held back the advancement of science and retarded the development of society.


The first point that Mr. Stenger's superior intellect has missed is the fact that religion, like the gun, is a tool; religion is a psychological tool and guns are physical tools and any tool can be misused by the man holding it. The second point that Mr. Stenger has missed is that religion, like the gun, delivers power to the man holding it. So, Mr. Stenger, is the fault in the tool or in the man holding the tool? This is where intellectuals, liberals, and atheist fall over the cliff into a pointless rage against inanimate objects; they just cannot see or understand that the problem is the attitude of the man holding the object and not the object itself.


Most religions, used properly, provide mankind with a philosophy that respects life and promotes acceptance, tolerance, love, and understanding of other people and their chosen way of life - Jews, Christians, Buddhist, and most Oriental religions fall into this category; Islam is the only religion that espouses hate, murder, and intolerance. However, the men who were in charge of the Christian religion centuries ago painted Christianity into a corner in several major areas of thought, and now they refuse to accept the fact that certain early concepts were in error due to a lack of knowledge at the time or to a power struggle to maintain control of the people.


It would have been impossible to explain airplanes, cars, radio, or TV to the people who lived a thousand years ago; likewise it would have been impossible to explain evolution to them, or the fact that the earth was a ball circling around the sun while floating in an infinite expanse of space along with billions of other suns and planets. The early leaders found it necessary to invent mystical concepts to explain these, at the time, unexplainable concepts and do it in child-like terms. The people believed the stories and it made them comfortable to think that they knew how the world worked and that God was taking care of them. Now that we know evolution is a fact, the church is in a thither as it tries to get itself out of the corner it has been painted into. Get over it, evolution was part of God's plan - He had a lot of time on His hands to sit back and wait to see what was going to happen with His new creation.


Society has a lot of problems and they are all caused by man misusing the philosophies, ideas, and tools that were originally presented, developed, or invented to stabilize society and protect its citizens. The basic underlying problem that has plagued the earth from the beginning of time is man's innate inability to handle extreme power; religion and guns, used the right way or used the wrong way, deliver a great power.


No man is capable of holding a great power for a long time without abusing it. That is why we have three branches of government where each branch is charged with watching the other two branches to ensure that they do not abuse their power.

Americans, wake up!


The United States is what it is due to our European ancestry. Our ancestors took the best ideas and culture from our European roots and built the United States. Today we are indulging in what I refer to as "elitist's mental masturbation" we like to call it "political correctness". We are going to "politically correct" ourselves, and doom our children, into a third world country.  We in the United States have two "Swords of Damocles" hanging over us; the first, and most dangerous, is the spread of Islam through the influx of Muslims; the second is the influx of illegal Latinos who sell their votes to the liberal left in the hope of getting something free. Since white Americans have a negative birth rate, one of these two groups will be the future rulers of this country. If the Muslims win, the United States and the way of life that we all know will be gone forever. Everyone (black, white, or yellow) will convert to Islam, be classified as less than human (and treated as slaves) or be killed. All women will be reclassified and have the same legal status as a cow, goat, or dog.


Should the Latinos somehow win the race for control of the United States through the influx of illiterate illegals we will all be more-or-less free and more-or-less equally poor since Latinos in the past have proven less than capable of creating and maintaining would-class societies. I predict that in fifty years the United States will be a third-world country ruled by either Muslims or Latinos and that China will be the most powerful force on the planet.


Why Many Muslims are Masochistic and Sadistic


Over the past 25 years I have know and worked with Muslims, and for ten months I lived among Muslims in Iran. During my exposure to Muslims I have witnessed an inordinate number of sadistic and masochistic acts performed by Muslims of all ages. I have thought for a long time that the Islamic religion, if studied and followed rigorously, caused brain damage; however, after years of examining the phenomena I think I have finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together to explain why many Muslims are the way they are.


In my search for an answer I closely observed Muslims and tried to understand why they were doing what they were doing and to gain some insight into what could possibly motivate them to do what they were doing.

1.   It was obvious to me that Muslims enjoyed witnessing and/or causing severe sadistic pain to others.

2.   It was obvious to me that many Muslims enjoyed inflicting severe masochistic pain to themselves.

3.   It was also obvious to me that Muslims (young and old) enjoyed witnessing and/or causing severe pain to animals.

4.   It became obvious to me, after talking to a few young Iranian soldiers who had been arrested, that the city jail in Isfahan was a hotbed of sodomy and sadistic activities.

5.   It became obvious to me that an incredible number of young Iranians, if not full blown homosexuals, had experienced homosexual encounters with other young men.

6. I think I know the origin of their sadistic traits: Muslim boys grow up without experiencing the close loving, nurturing and intimate connection to their mothers that European societies provide. Many of the Muslim men I knew demonstrated (and expressed) a serious lack of love for their mothers and sisters; I suspect this life long exposure to almost-total sensory depravation warps their outlook on life.


I had two good Sunni Muslim friends in Iran who were educated in the United States; one was a banker and the other owned a string of appliance stores. The banker warned me of the dangers I faced as a Christian living in an Islamic country, he frequently warned me about the days that I should restrict my travel or just stay at home. The appliance owner was a worldly man with three wives, all of whom lived in separate homes away from his. He enjoyed life and enjoyed his families on scheduled days during the week. Both of these men had gone to college in the States, the banker married an Iranian girl who was also attending college in the US. Both men had lived in the US for a while after graduating from college; they were essentially Iranian-Americans living in Iran. I detected no sadistic tendencies in either of these men. The banker, when I left Iran, adopted my dog for his two children.


I set out to determine why these two men escaped whatever experience or trauma caused the "normal" Muslims to be sadistic.


Intimate Family Contact


I talked to the banker and the appliance man about their families and found out that they came from well educated families that were not excessively religious in their day to day existence. I found out that both men came from loving parents who encouraged their children to do well. Their mothers and sisters were educated and covered their hair but did not cover themselves with a black sheet. They also shared the common room of their homes with the males of the family; they ate meals with the men and were not constantly banned to the restricted-to-females-only area of the house like other Muslim women.


This early investigation provided me with the starting point for developing my hypothesis to explain the source of the Muslim masochistic and sadistic traits.


Family Sensory Deprivation


I casually interrogated other Muslim males who I worked with or who worked for me taking care of the aircraft that I conducted test flights on. I discovered that most Muslim males have little to no close intimate family contact with their sisters or their mothers from birth to death. From what I was able to find out most Muslim males are raised in a loveless, emotionally sterile, all male existence that is devoid of motherly love and affection. The young men I talked to never (not even once) expressed any love for their sisters or mothers the way an American or European young man would. Their only concern about their sisters seemed to be that they could, if not watched closely, dishonor the family name.


I found out that most of the men I talked to who claimed they had an advanced education had actually only studied the Qur'an during their college work. Many were trained in the most radical areas of the Qur'an by radical imams that espoused hate and intolerance for other religions and it did not take long to identify and pick these men from a crowd. I suspect that it is easy to fill a young boy's mind with a highly emotional, exciting, and directed hate when his life experience has been a dull, emotional void.

Sex and Pleasure Deprivation Conflict


Young Muslim males who are already damaged psychologically by sensory deprivation within the family are further traumatized when their hormones start pumping through their blood stream and they become interested in females. Muslim males are forbidden to see, touch, talk to, or be alone with a female who is not a relative; violation of any of these activities may be punished by anything from a public beating to death. I believe the sensory deprivation caused by this isolation is the basic building block for Muslim masochistic and sadistic tendencies. I believe a constant battle is raging within young Muslim males when puberty strikes; they want to be with a female but know that it is a sin. Then their conscience starts working on them when they think, and are told, if they were good Muslims they would not even want to be with a woman because it is a violation of the Qu'ran. This same conflict occurs when young Muslims are exposed to the Western pleasures of food, drink, music, dancing, the theater, and women who will casually stop and talk to you on the street. I have witnessed young Muslim men in Iran who experienced a great deal of guilt from enjoying the pleasures of Western culture through association with Americans working in Iran.


I believe this sex-pleasure deprivation conflict eventually results in male Muslims resenting all women, some to the point of hatred. This hatred is readily witnessed in the festive attitude exhibited by men watching the horse whipping of women being punishment; with each whimpering cry from the woman being beaten the men laugh out loud and mimic her pitiful cries, you would think they were watching a comical act on TV. This festive attitude is not exhibited by men who are watching a man being punished, male punishment is treated as a solemn event and women are forbidden to watch.


I think this same "I hate you because you subverted me" concept is directed at the United States and Americans by Muslim men who have experienced a great deal of guilt from enjoying the pleasures of our Western culture.


Muslim men, like ancient Christian men, can not help but have sinful thoughts about women once puberty strikes, and like ancient Christians they think they must beat themselves in some masochistic ritual to cleans themselves of all sinful thoughts. Luckily for Christians, we learned and accepted the fact that once puberty strikes it is impossible not to think about the ladies.


Incestuous Marriages


I recently read an article by Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist, that provided me with what I consider the final piece of my Muslim puzzle. I have always thought that the rigorous study and memorization of the Qu'ran was the basic cause of so many Muslims being intellectually incapable of self-determination and always in need of someone to give them direction. It never occurred to me that the wide spread habit of incestuous marriages among Muslims was a big part of the problem; however. Mr Sennels article states that Muslim children have an extremely high rate of genetic ill­nesses due to Islam's 1400-year promotion of consanguineous marriages, a practice prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses but sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations.


Mr Sennels article states that this massive inbreeding in the Muslim culture may well have done irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to intelligence, sanity, and health.


Mr. Sennels says that a Muslim's ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world and he points out that all of the 58 Islamic countries together translates only 330 books a year, about 20% of what Greece alone translates. In the past 1,200 years Muslims have translated into Arabic about the same number of books that Spain translates in a single year. 

Mr Sennels points out the difficulties this creates for Muslims seeking to succeed in the West. Hampered by a lower IQ, together with a religion that denounces critical thinking, surely makes it harder for Muslims to gain success in the high-tech knowledge centric societies.

In the past 100 years only four Muslims have ever won a Nobel Prize in science,
Israel has won more than one hundred Nobel Prizes in science during that same time period.


This lack of standing in the intellectual world causes Muslims a great deal of stress, evidenced by their insistence that they do not want science because the study of the Qu'ran provides everything they need socially; however, privately the imams realize that intellectual advancement and science would, sooner or later, cause the debunking and destruction of Islam.

What have Muslims Contributed Lately to European or Western Society?

Radical Muslims (and all true Muslims have a radical Muslim hidden inside) have brought us stupidity, ignorance, religious extremism, religious intolerance, crime, and poverty; and, due to the fact that they can get by without working to support their big families they have brought additional stress to social support systems. 

They have blown up our buildings and transportation systems and are working now to turn our cities into the third world cities they escaped from (i.e., cities drowning in filth and crime). 

They live shut up in apartments (provided by host governments) where they plan the murder and destruction of their hosts and the host country. Radical Muslims are pernicious parasites that kill the host that supports them. Spain, England, and France are suffering from this Muslim parasitic infection now and the infection may be too advanced for them to survive.


Now, in the United States, we have President Obama who is catering to Muslims and throwing the Jews under the bus. He is turning away from the Jews and their hope for peace and a better future for their children and ours.


He is also turning away from the Jew's idea of clinging to life because life is holy and catering to radical Muslim's who's ideas are hatred, destruction, backwardness, superstition and a desire for death for themselves, their children and ours.
Sunday, February 28 2010

The Trashing of the CIA


During my last two years in the army I trained for a future assignment (after retirement) with the CIA. I had gone to Arlington and interviewed with a recruiter and was even told that my probable first assignment would be in Entebba, Africa. I was a perfect choice; after all I was a professional soldier and pilot with Special Forces training. I was an explosives expert, a security expert with training from the army's top security school in Germany, a trained locksmith, trained in escape-and-evasion, trained in establishing clandestine communications networks and an expert in small weapons. I was also trained to recognize the presents of the conditions necessary for a revolution and, if desired, how to plant the seeds for a revolution.


After I received my discharge I went to the CIA Headquarters in Arlington and was ready to go to work. My recruiter was gone! No one seemed to know his name or where he went. I was introduced to a new recruiter and promptly rejected because, as he put it, I did not fit the new profile for a field operator. What they were looking for now were field workers with business degrees. They were instructed not to take on any more Green Berets or ex-military applicants.


I found out that this new policy was a result of the CIA's involvement in Nixon's Watergate and that several people, including my recruiter, bailed out of the agency after the new rules were announced.


 Later, I got a job as a test pilot for Bell Helicopter and was sent to Iran to help train Iranians in helicopter operations and repair. During my stay in Iran we had trouble with Shiite Muslim extremist who wanted the US out of Iran. They were bombing restaurants where Americans ate and several times they tried to bomb busses that were taking American workers to the Iranian airbase outside Isfahan.


I was taking my girlfriend to the American Embassy to see about getting her a visa when I met a young American business school graduate serving as the CIA field agent in Isfahan. After talking with this young boy for several minutes, I knew we were in deep trouble. He had no idea what was going on and didn't have a clue how to find out. He told me with absolute sincerity that he believed the hostility was not directed towards Americans in particular. I can only believe that he sent that same message back to Arlington. No wonder we were caught with our pants down when the Iranian "students" took over our embassy.


Today, Obama is doing his best to destroy the effectiveness of the CIA by bowing to the objections the terrorist have against being effectively interrogated about their plans. The terrorist objections are backed up by liberals who think the terrorists are just poor people who the United States has taken advantage of and that they just want us to go away and leave them alone so they can live their lives as they choose - nothing could be further from the truth; Muslims want to conquer the world and establish Islam as a world religion with sharia law the only law.  We need the CIA, and we need the CIA to be tough and ruthless in the pursuit of terrorist plans.
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All free people around the world should insult Islam every day until the nut-case Muslims get tired of protesting and shut up about how sensitive they are. It's free speach - live with it!

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